Mark Born Talks Welfare Reform

(Beaver Dam) State Representative Mark Born is hopeful that welfare reforms will get more able-bodied people off public assistance and into the workforce. The Beaver Dam Republican discussed the ten bills that will be part of the special legislative session on welfare reform when he was our guest Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment. A reform package called “Wisconsin Works for Everyone” would make people receiving food stamps increase their job search or job training from 20 hours-a-week to 30.  They would also have to take drug tests to get benefits. Born, who in previous sessions chaired the Public Benefits Reform Committee, says Wisconsin needs more people in its workforce and he wants to make sure people getting state aid really need it.  He says the system needs to be properly designed to help people in their time of need but do not keep people there longer than is needed. That’s why, Born says, this is a focus on drug testing because if those who cannot get off drugs will have a hard time keeping a job down. He says the focus will be not only getting people off drugs but also getting the training and opportunities needed to get back into the workforce. Born says he received the legislation on Thursday. Republicans hope to introduce the bills next week.