Mark Born Supports Waiving Tuition For Foster Children

(Beaver Dam) State Representative Mark Born says he is in full support of a bill that would waive tuition and fees for foster children. The Beaver Dam Republican and other members of the Wisconsin Assembly approved the bi-partisan legislation along with a dozen other measures as part of a Foster Forward package last week. Born says eliminating tuition and fees would help those with few resources. He says once children make it through the foster care system they do not have the typical avenues of support the rest of the population has. With the governor’s signature, Wisconsin would become the 29th state with some form of post-secondary tuition help on the books for foster children. On WBEV’s Community Comment program last Friday, Born told us that the bill would open the door for foster children who want to attend college. He says foster children would be able to focus on paying for housing and other essential school supplies rather than paying their tuition. As many as 46-hundred people could qualify for the program.