Mark Born Does Not Anticipate Changes To Election

(Beaver Dam) More than 200 local leaders have signed a letter telling state leaders that more must be done more protect voters from coronavirus. Governor Tony Evers said last week that he lacks the authority to change the date of the April 7 election. State Representative Mark Born echoed those sediments with us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment in saying he does not anticipate any changes.

“There really isn’t a mechanism for the election to be delayed or cancelled, these are things that are date certain by statute and the governor does not have the authority to override that statute,” he says, “Theoretically, the legislature could be brought in and if we thought that was necessary we’d do so but then to ‘what date do you change it?’ and ‘when do you think it can be held?’ Those are things that are still pretty tricky at this point.

The Beaver Dam Republican also points out that this is more than a presidential preference primary as there are number of local elections on the ballot.

“Again, these are local officials who are in terms that are date certain,” he says, “All of those terms end and here is no mechanism for someone to decide, I don’t know who that would be, the governor or a local official who would pick to say ‘oh you can just stay in office until things settle down’.”

Officials are encouraging early voting through the absentee ballot process.