Mark Born Discusses Possible Legal Action Against Governor’s Safer At Home Extension

(Beaver Dam) State Representative Mark Born discussed the possibility of legal action against the governor’s extended Safer At Home order when he was our guest yesterday (Friday) on WBEV’s Community Comment. Born says Republicans are looking at all legislative and legal options but dismissed the legislative path noting that any action would require the governor’s signature. He says the legal option is the most realistic and it is likely that “next week there will be some lawsuits filed.” The Beaver Dam Republican does not anticipate that all lawsuits would come from the legislature but also from individuals and businesses.

One caller questioned how Republicans could waste taxpayer dollars by encouraging people and the legislature to sue another branch of government instead of working with each other. Born maintained that the governor needs to work with someone in rolling out a plan that addresses concerns with the economy, if not the legislature he suggested a task force be assembled.