Marijuana Topic Addressed At Wisconsin U.S. Senate Debate

(Wisconsin)  The legalization of Marijuana was an early topic at last (Saturday) nights Wisconsin U.S. Senate Debate between Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Republican Challenger Leah Vukmir.  The topic was presented as one of the most popular questions asked in a state-wide poll.  The question specifically mentioned the proposition to reclassify the drug from being a Schedule 1 narcotic to a Schedule 2 drug, addictive but having some medical value, therefore opening it up to the research of marijuana for medical use.

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin spoke in favor of the change saying that we don’t know the facts outside the research that had been done in other countries or by privately funded organizations and thinks this lack of information is part of the problem.  The Senator says we don’t know if marijuana could be a viable alternative to other drugs for glaucoma or wasting syndrome.  Sen. Baldwin also says research could tell us if marijuana could be a less addictive replacement for the treatment of pain as opposed to opioids which have killed so many people in this country.


Republican challenger Lea Vukmir disagreed with the senator’s views saying, she looks at marijuana as a schedule 1 drug and has no medical value to its use and called Sen. Baldwin’s support of the drug “very concerning”.  She quoted the Department of Drug Enforcement Education, saying that marijuana is highly addictive, more so than Vicodin, meth, and other drugs.  Vukmir also called attention to what she called a serious heroin and opioid addiction within our state and our country.


Currently 30 states within the union have legalized marijuana in a medical capacity with 9 of those alongside Washington D.C having also legalizing it for recreational use.  In the Midwest, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio have legalized the use of medical marijuana.