March 3, 2013

Nehls Credits Staff in Accomplishing Campaign Goals


3/3/13 – Sheriff Todd Nehls thanked his staff for all their hard work in helping him accomplish his campaign goals during his retirement party Friday night in Beaver Dam. Among those he thanked personally was his Chief Deputy Blaine Lauersdorf. Nehls joked that they made a great team because everything Lauersdorf hated he loved. He also reflected for moment on his father, Edwin Nehls, who also served as sheriff. He choked back tears while he told the story of how his dad pinned the badge he wore on his son after his first election in 2003. Nehls told his dad he’d wear it for a year, but says he never took it off.  Nehls last official day as Sheriff is March 8.


New Education Plan Lauded by Lobbyist


3/3/13 – A lobbyist for Wisconsin school boards is hailing a plan by two state Senate leaders to raise property taxes, so public schools can get more state aid. G-O-P Senate President Mike Ellis and Senate Education Committee chair Luther Olsen say they want to give schools an extra 150-dollars per student for each of the next two years. Governor Scott Walker’s budget calls for a slight increase in state school aid. But the funds would go to the taxpayers instead of the classroom, and voters could then choose whether-or-not to give the money to the schools by approving revenue cap referendums. Ellis and Olsen said the plan would cost an extra 382-million dollars. They would get most of the funds from other budgeted items – but they’d also raise property taxes by 11-dollars for every 100-thousand-dollars of a home’s value the first year, and 10-dollars the next year. Ellis calls the increase meager. Walker’s budget would already raise local property taxes by a small average each year. Dan Rossmiller of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards calls the plan “terrific news.” Senate G-O-P leader Scott Fitzgerald would not commit to it. He told the A-P quote, “We’re in the opening phase of discussions right now, but there’s no doubt we will be able to find common ground on education funding.” Walker’s office has not commented on the idea.


Haughton’s Plan Took Shape a Week Before Shooting


3/3/13 – Brookfield Police said Radcliffe Haughton telegraphed his plans to kill his wife and others, less than a week before he did it. A 600-page report was released today on last October’s incident at the Azana Spa in Brookfield, where Haughton shot-and-killed his wife Zina while she was working there. He also killed two other women and wounded four victims before killing himself. According to today’s report, a neighbor overheard Haughton telling his father quote, “If I had a gun, I would shoot her.” And Haughton told neighbor Jeffrey Simmons quote, “She’s not the only one I’m going to get.” A letter from Brookfield Police to the Waukesha County district attorney was part of today’s report – and it said that Haughton complained earlier to a neighbor that he thought Zina was having an affair.


Convicted Priest Could Get Supervised Released


3/3/13 – A former Catholic priest convicted of molesting two boys in Oshkosh 20 years ago could win back at least some of his freedom this summer. Prosecutors and the defense have agreed that 74-year-old Norbert Maday should get a supervised release from the Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center in Mauston. Maday served 13 years in prison from his crimes – and after that, a judge deemed him as a sexual predator. So he remained held for treatment until it could be determined that he’s no longer a risk to himself or the community. Winnebago County Circuit Judge Daniel Bissett agreed with that finding, and the details of a supervised release will be determined at Maday’s next court proceeding on June fourth. Maday petitioned for his release. Prosecutor Kevin Greene said he negotiated a supervised release to prevent Maday from the possibility of getting unmonitored freedom. Greene tells W-L-U-K T-V in Green Bay that authorities would use G-P-S monitoring to keep tabs on Maday – and he’d have to follow other conditions as well.

Camera’s Will Be Allowed in Possible Schaffhausen Trial


3/3/13 – If Aaron Schaffhausen goes on trial, media cameras will be able to show us what happens. A judge in Saint Croix County agreed today to allow cameras in the courtroom for Schaffhausen’s possible trial for allegedly killing his three young daughters last summer in River Falls. Circuit Judge Howard Cameron heard a number of pre-trial requests today. The 35-year-old Schaffhausen is charged with three counts of homicide and attempted arson in the deaths of Amara, Sophie, and Cecilia Schaffhausen last July where their mom lived in River Falls. The parents divorced several months before, and Aaron had moved to North Dakota. Last month, the judge ordered Schaffhausen to undergo psychiatric exams – including sessions with the state’s mental health experts. He has pleaded innocent by reason of mental disease. Another hearing in the case is scheduled March 15th before a month-long trial is slated to begin on April first.


SE Wisconsin Foreclosure Rates Down


3/3/13 – Foreclosure rates continue to go down in Wisconsin’s most populous area. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s review of court records shows that 707 new foreclosure cases were filed in February in seven southeastern counties. That’s 28-percent less than the same month a year ago. Last February, there was short of a-thousand new cases that sought home foreclosures in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, Waukesha, Walworth, Racine, and Kenosha counties. For the first two months of the New Year, lenders filed just over 14-hundred total cases in the seven counties – almost 29-percent fewer than at the start of 2012.


PSC Rejects Permit for Wind Farm


3/3/13 – The Public Service Commission has again rejected a request for issuance of a construction permit for the proposed Highland Wind Farm in St. Croix County.  An emergency request filed this week was turned down on a 2-to-1 vote.  State regulators first rejected the project last month, pointing to concerns that noise from the wind turbines could exceed legal limits and disturb people living in nearby homes.  The company had asked the state to reconsider, telling commission members it could reduce the turbines’ power during times when wind speeds would cause them to exceed the noise limits.  One commissioner said that would be okay, but another pointed out that appeals need to wait until the PSC has issued a written confirmation of its earlier decision.


New Bill Would Make No Call List Permanent


3/3/13 – A bill about to be introduced at the Wisconsin Capitol could mean you don’t have to remember to re-register your phone number on the state’s no-call list every two years.  That list is in place to block telemarketers.  Backers are looking for co-sponsors right now.  The legislation would make the no-call list permanent.  Registration on the federal no-call list is already permanent and more than a dozen states have switched to permanent enrollment.  Robocalls would also be blocked under the new law, though political calls could continue.  Republican state Representative Andre Jacques is pushing the new measure.


MN Authorities Looking for Help


3/3/13 – St. Paul police have set up a special tip line to help in the search for a missing Minnesota woman who is believed to be dead.  Kira Trevino was last seen February 21st as she left her job at the Mall of America.  Her husband, Jeffery Dale Trevino, has been charged with her murder.  Police say they found so much blood at the Trevino home they believe the woman was killed.  St. Paul police say they are hoping to hear from anybody who saw anything suspicious from 9 p.m. Thursday, February 21st, until 10 a.m. the next day.  The plea has been extended to anyone who was within 100 miles of the Twin Cities, including some areas of western Wisconsin.  Police say they think it is possible Jeffery Trevino dumped his body between 2 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. on the 22nd.

(NOTE:  The tip line number is 1-651-560-3277.)