Man Who Escaped Dahmer Possibly Facing Homicide Charge

7/28/11 – Twenty years ago, Tracy Edwards escaped from Jeffrey Dahmer and helped Milwaukee Police arrest one of the nation’s most notorious serial killers. Now, Edwards is under arrest for the drowning of a homeless man on Tuesday. Police said the 52-year-old Edwards and a 45-year-old man are being held in connection with a fight involving three men on the Wisconsin Avenue bridge over the Milwaukee River in the city’s downtown. One of the three fell into the river and drowned. A second man jumped in to try and save him. Police are not saying if that person was Edwards. Investigators have called the drowning a homicide. But they have not given other details, and they’re still investigating. As of last night, they had not asked the district attorney to file charges. It was 20 years ago last week when Edwards was being handcuffed by Jeffrey Dahmer. But he punched Dahmer to go free, ran to the street, and alerted police. Officers soon found human remains in Dahmer’s apartment, and his involvement in the slayings of 17 young men and boys then came to light.