Man Dies Following Fall from Bridge

10/5/11 – An autopsy is set for today on a man who fell 80-feet to his death, when his car got stuck on Milwaukee’s Hoan Bridge and he was hit by another vehicle. Officials said 39-year-old Bobby Jiles of Milwaukee was looking under his hood after his car got stuck in a traffic lane on Interstate-794 during yesterday morning’s rush hour. A 24-year-old driver struck Jiles – and that person escaped injury. He volunteered to have his blood drawn at a Milwaukee hospital, and was then released. The crash happened in a construction zone where there was no room to pull to the side. Sheriff David Clarke says it appears to be nothing more than a tragic accident. But officers are trying to determine if the driver was on a cell phone at the time. And they’ll have prosecutors review their evidence today to see if the man who caused the crash should be charged. Sheriff Clarke said drivers should resist the urge to get out their vehicles if they get stranded. He called that a deadly move.