Madison Woman Runs From Beaver Dam Police Twice

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam police found themselves in a foot pursuit with the same suspect not once but twice after conducting a traffic stop over the weekend. During special enforcement of a seatbelt grant, officers spotted a minivan with suspended plates Sunday afternoon. As officers approached the vehicle they allegedly noticed the smell of marijuana coming from inside and two small children who were not properly seat-belted. Police identified the driver as Nicholas Edmond, who has a warrant out for his arrest in Dane County. A passenger in the car, Tanesha Lee, apparently became argumentative with police while they questioned Edmond. The 54-year-old Sun Prairie man was arrested and later charged with felony Bail Jumping and misdemeanor Resisting an Officer. Meanwhile, police started questioning Lee who allegedly provided false information about her age and denied having a cell phone after having just used it. After contacting dispatch, they reported that she has a probation warrant out for her arrest. After hearing the news, Lee bolted and managed to get a short distance before being tackled to the ground. The 24-year-old was handcuffed and secured in the back of a squad car but started shouting and thrashing violently. As officers were about to transport the Madison woman to the station they noticed Lee was no longer in the back of the cruiser and was seen sprinting eastbound on Front Street. Police later determined Lee managed to free one of her wrists from the handcuffs and stuck her arm through the steel bars that blocked a partially-opened window to reach the outside door handle. Lee raced close to 150-feet before being apprehended for a second time. She apologized several times for her actions. A few officers sustained minor injuries during the chase. Lee is charged with felony Escape Criminal Arrest along with two misdemeanor charges of Resisting an Officer which, if convicted, carries a combined maximum of over seven years in prison. Lee had a cash bond set at $2,500 dollars Monday and a preliminary hearing is set for next week.