Madison Woman Jailed For Running From Beaver Dam Police

(Beaver Dam) A Madison woman was sentenced Wednesday to three months in jail with work release privileges for fleeing on foot twice from Beaver Dam police. Tanesha Lee pled no contest to two felony counts of Escape Criminal Arrest and Resisting Officer Causing Substantial Bodily Harm. Two misdemeanor charges of Obstruction were dismissed but read into the record. Lee was a passanger in a vehicle that was spotted by officers with suspended plates in February. The 24-year-old became argumentative with police after providing false information about her age. She denied having a cell phone even though police had just seen her using it. After learning there was a warrant for her arrest, Lee ran a short distance before being tackled to the ground. Lee was secured in the back of a squad car but as officers were about to transport her to jail, they noticed she was gone. Police later determined Lee managed to free one of her wrists from the handcuffs and stuck her arm through the steel bars that blocked a partially-opened window to reach the outside door handle. Lee raced close to 150-feet down Front Street before being apprehended for a second time. She apologized several times for her actions. A few officers sustained minor injuries during the chase. In addition to jail time, Lee was placed on probation for two years.