Madison Street Bridge Reinforcement Issue Revived

8/2/11 – The Beaver Dam Operations Committee revived discussion on strengthening the Madison Street Bridge. Three cars have crashed through the railing of the bridge in just over one year, the most recent occurring on July 23. Officials last night discussed the possibility of installing a concrete parapet at a ballpark cost of $500 a foot. Alderwoman Donna Fuhrman started the discussion by asking how many cars have to crash into the river before the city changes it. Alderman Mick McConaghy said he’s a lifelong resident and this has not been a chronic problem over the years. Alderman Rob Radig questioned why we would spend anymore tax money than necessary to keep fixing a problem caused by impaired drivers. Operations Committee Chair Laine Meyer says he is against reinforcing a 20-foot length of bridge because someone will just wind up crashing into the river at the 21-foot mark. Meyer wants to see both sides of the bridge reconstructed to match the new, historic bridge parapets on the nearby South Center Street Bridge. Alderman Robert Ballweg asked that more options be brought to the committee for consideration and then made the motion to place the general project on the Capital Improvements Program list for next year.