Madison Man Sentenced To Prison On Delivering Drugs Charge Following Arrest By Beaver Dam Police

(Beaver Dam) A Madison man was sentenced Tuesday to three years in prison after being found by Beaver Dam police with drugs he intended to give to others. In March, Ryan Murray entered a guilty plea to a felony count of Possession with Intent to Deliver Amphetamine. Beaver Dam police pulled a vehicle over that Murray was a passenger in last August and noticed he was sweating profusely, had trouble focusing, and was walking awkwardly. The officer searched the 41-year-old and found a syringe, baggies of meth, a marijuana pipe, and a digital scale. Murray said he was just the middle-man and that he delivers the drugs to others to support his own habit. During sentencing, Assistant District Attorney Gilbert Thompson said that Murray’s behavior endangered the safety and well-being of the community and warranted a lengthy prison sentence. Thompson also noted that Murray has long criminal record and has been in prison twice before. Murray was also placed on extended supervision for five years.