Madison Judge Details Man Accused of Threatening President

7/8/11 – A mental exam was ordered Thursday for a man who allegedly killed an elderly woman in South Dakota – stole her car and drove it to Madison where he was arrested – and then claimed he was going to kill President Obama. 41-year-old James McVay was expected to be transferred to South Dakota to face murder and burglary charges. But Dane County Court Commissioner Todd Meurer said McVay would stay in Wisconsin another two weeks to see if he’s mentally competent to waive extradition. McVay is accused of killing 75-year-old Maybelle Schein after breaking into her home in Sioux Falls South Dakota on Saturday. According to prosecutors, McVay said he planned to kill somebody in Madison, and ambush a police officer to steal his gun. He told a T-V reporter he eventually wanted to drive to Washington, and kill President Obama while he was playing golf. Officials said he also told police about his plans. McVay will be held without bond during his mental exam. He’s due back in court July 21.