Machine Operator

Job Title Machine Operator
Company or Organization K&L Services Inc.
Location Beaver Dam
Job Description Responsible for reviewing the Order Jackets at the beginning of every shift or each new job with the area foreman as well as have any unanswered questions resolved before beginning the job.

Responsible for setting-up of all jobs assigned, including, but not limited to:
Checking to see that all male and female knives are sharp before starting the set-up process
Proper setting of all male and female knives
Pulley changes
Mount roll adjustments
Shaft set-up
Core alignment
Proper drum speed settings
Trouble shooting

Responsible for the quality of the product coming off of the machine at all times by ensuring customer specifications are met.

Responsible for operating the machine at optimum speed at all times, barring any unforeseen complications.

Responsible for ensuring food safety and product quality by maintaining a neat and clean machine area at all times, as well as cleaning the machine area thoroughly at the end of the shift.

Responsible for implementing and using safety devices at all times.

Ensures food security by reporting any suspicious activity or circumstances to the shift foreman as it occurs.

Ensures food safety and quality standards are met by following all internal operating procedures, GMPs, FDA, customer, and SQF requirements.

Communicates Safety and Quality Issues with shift foreman in a timely and professional manner.

Maintains good communication channel with management as well as utility helpers.

Responsible for the accurate documentation of the Order Jacket details.

Identifies and documents all product with the proper markings at the conclusion of a job, before beginning the next job.