Lunch Fees Going Up in the BDUSD

7/19/11 – Lunch fees will be going up over the next three years in the Beaver Dam School District. That’s after the school board approved the increases last night. Officials say the increase is directly related to a federal requirement that schools serve more nutritious meals that will include fresh fruit and vegetables. The increase will be implemented over the next three years to the point where the average between the elementary school and the middle and high schools will be $2.46. That means lunches at the elementary schools will be $2 this fall, up 15-cents from last year. Another 15-cent increase will be seen in the following two years. And lunches and the middle school and high school will increase 20-cents to $2.30 this fall. Another 20-cent increase will happen next year, with an additional 15-cent increase for the 2013-2014 school year. The board also set its annual budget hearing for August 15th.