Low Water Levels Expose Shipwrecks

Low water levels on Lake Michigan are still causing messy shorelines and boats that run aground. But they’re also exposing at least some history – including a large shipwreck that happened 80 years ago. The 290-foot steamship Aurora burned in 1932, close to Grand Haven in Michigan – and its remains were recently exposed by receding water lines. The Muskegon Chronicle said parts of at least four other shipwrecks were also exposed by the falling waters at Grand Haven, near the edges of Harbor Island. The 125-year-old Aurora was found in the Grand River, which flows into Lake Michigan. Maritime historian Valerie Van Heest says it gives people a rare opportunity to study ancient shipwrecks, without having to scuba dive to find the wreckages. The Great Lakes have been falling in recent years due to warmer temperatures, and this year’s drought.