Love Of Beer Aiding ‘Brewery History Mural

(Beaver Dam) People’s love of beer is being used to raise money for an upcoming art event.  Organizers of this summer’s ‘Decorate the Dam’ mural festival, which will see 200 plus artists converge on Beaver Dam to paint over a dozen murals throughout the city’s downtown, are collecting cash for a ‘brewery history mural.’  In this final installment of a five-part series, we look at the craft beer board game that is being sold to fund that piece of art.  Festival Organizer Karla Jensen says the game is called ‘Brewin’ USA: The Board Game for the Craft Beer Enthusiast.’  It was created by Beaver Dam native Adam Rehberg who now lives in Minnesota and offered the festival committee 24 games free of cost.  In the game, each of the two to five players controls a start-up brewery during the inception of the craft beer revolution.  The players compete for ingredients to make their beer and eventually try to control the city’s beer market.  Jensen says the game is being sold for $45 at the Beaver Dam Area Arts Association while supplies last.