Lomira Woman Found Guilty In Connection To Her Child’s Death

(Lomira) A Lomira woman was found guilty Thursday in connection to the death of her three-year-old child. Jamie Hildebrandt entered a no contest plea to a felony count of Neglecting a Child – Consequence is Death.

Deputies with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to 725 Railroad Street in Lomira around 7pm March 6th of last year for a report of a child who was not showing any signs of life. Among the responding officers was Sheriff Dale Schmidt who observed the child with significant bruising to his face and under his eyes as well as marks on various parts of his body.

An autopsy was conducted two days later were multiple contusions were documented, including (quote) “transection of the pancreatic body and laceration of the omentum.” Assistant Milwaukee Medical Examiner Jessica Lelinski noted that a three-year-old would not be capable of sustaining such injuries in a fall from a household item and it would take hours not days for the wounds to be fatal.

The autopsy report concluded that there were multiple blunt force injuries to the child’s head, chest, back and upper and lower extremities. It also found that there was hemorrhaging between the skull and scalp. When Hildebrandt was interviewed, she at first denied her involvement and attempted to accuse others of being responsible for the child’s injuries.

After being taken into custody for the child’s death, Hildebrandt admitted to accidently stepping on her son. Hildebrandt said she laid the child on the bathroom floor and forgot he was there when getting more diapers. She said when she realized what happened, her foot went down further as she backed off. Hildebrandt also admitted to using make-up to cover the child’s injuries. When asked why she didn’t call 911 after the incident, Hildebrandt said that she believed the child was okay.

At the plea hearing, Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg said this is one of the most heart-wrenching cases he has ever experienced in his career. He says every member of the investigation and prosecution team have been deeply affected by this tragic story. Klomberg adds that their hearts ache for this innocent little boy. The 33-year-old faces no more than 25-years in prison. Hildebrandt will be sentenced on July 27th.