Lomira Woman Accused Of Cashing Phony Check At Mayville Bank

(Mayville) A Lomira woman was charged Tuesday with cashing a phony check at a Mayville bank. Shannon Gammon is facing felony counts of Fraud Against a Financial Institution and Forgery as well as a misdemeanor charge of Bail Jumping. In June, an investigator for the Mayville bank contacted law enforcement to file a fraud complaint. He reportedly said that Gammon cashed a fake check worth $1,000. When authorities reviewed the check they noticed several discrepancies including that the authorized signature was not a valid signature and that the check number was one digit too long. According to the criminal complaint, Gammon signed the back of the check and her driver’s license number was also on it which is how the bank was able to identify her. Police also learned that Gammon was out on bond during the incident for a similar offense. In July, the 41-year-old was convicted on two misdemeanor counts of Issuing Worthless Checks and was placed on a year probation in that case. If convicted, Gammon faces over 12 years in prison. An initial appearance is scheduled for September 14th.