Lomira Man Arrested In Washington County For Second Offense OWI

(Wayne) A Lomira man was arrested for operating while under the influence in Washington County. A vehicle driving on I-41 in the Town of Wayne was reported for almost running two other cars off the roadway Friday evening.

A deputy stopped the driver as he exited Highway 144. The operator would only crack the window and did not provide any identification. An electronic DOT photo was obtained that showed the driver, a 57-year-old Lomira man, was the vehicle’s registered owner.

Authorities say he was argumentative and displayed signs of impairment. They add that he refused to exit the vehicle and needed to be physically removed by the deputy and a Slinger police officer. After undergoing standardized field sobriety testing, the man was arrested for OWI second offense.

A search of the vehicle yielded alcohol, a loaded and chambered 9mm handgun, and a loaded shotgun attached to the driver’s back seat. Additional charges of Resisting and Armed while Intoxicated will be referred to the Washington County District Attorney’s Office.