Loco Vocals To Usher In New Year At New BDACT Facility

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre is hosting its first-ever show at their new, $3-million-dollar Fine Arts Center Monday night. The event comes two days after the theatre opened its doors to the public on Saturday for a special open house. The Loco Vocals have a special New Year’s Eve Performance at the 24-thousand square foot, 345-seat auditorium on Maple Avenue. Loco Vocalist Rick Ramirez says he is looking forward to performing in the new Fine Arts Center, which he notes would not have happened without “great support” from the community. Ramirez joined us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment, a program that was broadcast live from the old Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre building on North Spring Street. He has fond memories of the old facility but says that makes him look forward to creating new memories at the new facility. Ramirez says he is filled with “nothing but excitement” and is “ready to rock New Year’s Eve and breathe some life into the new stage.” The Loco Vocals have selected their best party and dance songs from the 1950’s through the 1980’s that they’ve performed over the past ten years as a group. Tickets are $35 and include heavy appetizers. The show begins at 9pm and the music will not stop until after the midnight hour. More information is available at www.bdact.org.


The Loco Vocals are vocalists Jenny Addison, Rick Ramirez, Jay Wilkins and Cheryl Zeman along with Dave Carlson on guitar, Tanya Diggins on keyboards, Ben Grambsch on guitar, Jeff Mroz on bass, David Saniter on drums and Rich Zeman on saxophone.




Photo’s from the BDACT Fine Arts Center Open House on Saturday, December 21st: