Loch Ness Monster In Eau Claire

5/6/12 – The Loch Ness Monster has showed up in Eau Claire – and the state government is none too pleased. The D-N-R has ordered that a submerged sculpture of the Loch Ness Monster be removed from the Chippewa River, because it’s an illegal obstruction in a navigable water. The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram said it received an unsigned e-mail from a man claiming to have created the sculpture – and he promised it would be gone within 10 days. He said he didn’t want the D-N-R to find out it was him, so he wouldn’t be fined. Meanwhile, the home improvement firm of Menards says it’s interested in putting the sculpture in one of its retention pounds in Eau Claire. Spokesman Jeff Abbott told the paper that Menards found the sculpture amusing – and they’d probably devote a modest amount of money to move it. The Loch Ness Monster was first seen in the Loch Ness waterway in Scotland in 1933.