Local School District State Aid Losses Finalized

10/18/11 – All but 13 of Wisconsin’s 424 public school districts are getting less state aid than a year ago. The state’s education agency released the final numbers late last week – and they’re about the same as the estimated totals released in July. Schools are averaging a 10-percent drop in state aid, although the figures vary widely. Most districts in our area will lose between 4.9% and 10.1% from last school year to the current one. The Beaver Dam School District will see about $1.05-million less while the school system in Watertown is looking at a $2.2-million reduction. Columbus is losing $603,000 and Mayville will see about $696,000 less. Waupun is down $1.2-million while Horicon will get $546,000 less. The Dodgeland School District will receive $368,000 less and Randolph is expecting a drop of $217,000. The governor and Legislature approved a total of four-and-a-quarter billion dollars in general school aid for the term that began in September. The total decline was eight-point-four percent.