Local Legislators Weigh In On Walkers Budget Plan

2/9/17 – Republican state lawmakers promise a thorough review of the spending plans from their party’s governor. Scott Walker gave them a two-year state budget proposal Wednesday with almost 600-million dollars in tax and fee cuts that include a sales tax holiday at back to school time, and millions in income tax and property tax cuts. Senate finance chair Alberta Darling says some of her G-O-P colleagues believe Walker’s five-percent reduction for instate U-W tuition is “unsustainable” — and she promises that the Joint Finance Committee will “dig in” and see how much of Walker’s spending plans are “responsible,” as the budget also adds millions in areas he cut previously like public schools. Republican State Representative Mark Born of Beaver Dam, a newly appointed member of the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee says he (quote) “look(s) forward to exploring the proposals in more depth to ensure [protection] for hardworking taxpayers while properly balancing…commitments to K-12 education, higher education, tax relief, workforce development, and transportation.” Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says he is (quote) “thrilled that recent projections have demonstrated that Wisconsin is on strong financial footing going into this budge. The Juneau Republican says he plans to “exercise caution in determining how to allocate resources” to ensure that the legislature remains responsible fiscal stewards. Democrats say the budget is based on financial projections that are too rosy — and one report says it would create a shortfall of as much as 735-million dollars just months after the 2018 election for which Walker is considering running for a third term.