DCSO Law of the Month: Unsafe Passing

8/27/17 – The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office Law of the Month is about unsafe passing. Captain Scott Mittelstadt says every year law enforcement responds to numerous vehicle crashes across the county and some of the most severe and often deadly crashes occur when vehicles meet head-on while trying to pass slower vehicles or farm implements. Mittelstadt says whether the cause is a judgment error on the part of the passing driver or pure reckless behavior, the result is the same. The captain says if the actions of the passing driver in any way impact other drivers, like the one being passed or oncoming traffic – causing them to take any defensive action such as slowing down – then it is a violation of state statute.  That includes passing farm implements or bicycles.  While this may be frustrating at times when there is significant traffic and it may mean waiting for a period of time, he says the possible consequences of not doing so are potentially much worse.  Mittelstadt asks that all those travelling area roads and highways use appropriate patience and caution when overtaking other vehicles.  He says a few seconds or minutes of delay is a small price compared to the deadly alternative.