Legislator Claims Disorderly Conduct Citation Was Politically Motivated

9/6/12 – State Assembly Democrat Brett Hulsey now says his recent disorderly conduct citation for an incident at a Madison beach might have been “politically motivated.” The Madison lawmaker told the Wisconsin State Journal yesterday that Mayor Paul Soglin’s administration might have been involved. Soglin refused comment, saying he would address the matter in a week-or-two. Hulsey pleaded no contest to a non-criminal citation, and was fined 114-dollars. He had been accused of flipping a nine-year-old boy’s inner-tube on July Fourth, and then taking his picture with his cell phone. Recently, Hulsey denied touching the boy. He said the pictures were meant to reflect a nice sunset, and he deleted them from his cell phone after the boy’s father raised a concern. The boy’s grandmother, Madison mayoral aide Sally Miley, saw the incident. She gave details to police. And according to the State Journal, a city park official told Miley about previous complaints involving Hulsey – including allegations that he stalked a lifeguard at another city park. But the park official told W-K-O-W T-V there were no written complaints about Hulsey, and he’s not aware of concerns about his behavior with a lifeguard. Hulsey has supported Mayor Soglin’s election opponents in the past – and Soglin endorsed a Hulsey opponent in a previous Assembly race. Hulsey said he feared the beach incident was politically motivated, but he would not go as far as calling it a conspiracy. He said police reports did not fully give his side of the story – but police officials say they stand by their reports, and they were reviewed by the district attorney and the state Justice Department.