'Leave wildlife wild' officials warn after moose defends its territory against woman

Matt Dirksen/iStock(NEW YORK) — A moose stood its ground against a person who attempted to pet the wild animal and officials used the incident as a teachable moment for others.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department shared a video on Twitter of a person who was seen approaching a large moose near a snowy crosswalk, before they leaned too close for the animal’s comfort.

The moose stood on its back legs and lunged its front hooves forward towards the person as onlookers could be heard saying “get away.”

“Oh, do we sound like a broken record? Sorry but we’re not sorry. LEAVE WILDLIFE WILD. DO NOT FEED OR PET,” the organization wrote.

The agency also said that the person seen in the video was later “cited for harassing wildlife.”

The 20-second video has racked up over 30,000 views since it was first posted Monday on Twitter.

The unidentified person did not appear to be injured by the animal.

CPW has previously warned the public that “moose are very protective of their territory and their young,” adding that the animals will defend themselves “aggressively.”

“Moose have very few natural enemies in the wild and, as a result, do not fear humans as much as most other big game species,” CPW said on its website. “Moose tolerate humans longer and at closer distances.”

The agency has a guide for residents and visitors with safety tips for watching moose here.

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