'Leaning Tower of Dallas' still remains, despite efforts to demolish the structure

Alex Rozier/WFAA(DALLAS) — A stubborn structure in Dallas, referred to as the city’s very own “Leaning Tower,” still stands as of Tuesday.

Efforts to demolish the 11-story building started on Feb. 16, however the implosion went awry and only took down some of it. The center of the building, which held the concrete and steel elevator shaft, remained.

It was during that demolition the remaining structure tilted and gained its nickname “The Leaning Tower of Dallas.”

New efforts to take the building down began on Monday and are expected to continue in the coming days.

Crews will now use a 5,600 wrecking ball over the next three to four days in an effort to bring it down entirely, according to Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition, LLC. The wrecking ball will be used on the structure from the top down.

Stan Caldwell, an engineer who is not involved with this demolition but has worked in structural engineering for nearly 50 years, said a wrecking ball is the best way to demolish the building.

“Though not very dramatic or speedy, it is a safe approach to bringing down the remaining elevator and stairwell shaft. Safety is even more important this week, given the strong gusty winds,” Caldwell told ABC Dallas affiliate WFAA.

In the meantime, developers are encouraging residents to snap a photo with the structure before it comes down.

“The concrete and steel core elevator shaft that survived the demolition is a testament to the same ‘built to last’ philosophy we will honor in our development,” according to a statement from The Central Dallas, the incoming development.

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