League of Women Voters Files Lawsuit on ID Law

10/21/11 – The League of Women Voters followed through Thursday on their promise to sue the state, to try-and-kill the voter I-D law. The League said the requirement to show a photo I-D at the polls violates the state Constitution, because it creates a new class of people who cannot vote – those without I-D’s. But in response, Republican Governor Scott Walker said there are more valid I-D’s issued than there are registered voters. And if I-D’s are required to get cold medicine, library cards, and public assistance, Walker says it only sense that an I-D must be shown to vote. The governor said the I-D law moves Wisconsin forward, because one of the core functions of government is to ensure the integrity of elections. Republicans have tried for a decade to require I-D’s at the polls, in the name of fighting fraud – and they were finally able to pass it when voters gave them took control of state government in January. But Democrats say very little fraud has been uncovered – and critics say the G-O-P’s only trying to prevent voting by those who normally vote Democratic as a group, like minorities and college students. The league’s lawsuit will be heard by Dane County Circuit Judge William Neiss.