Lead Detective On Village Glen Explosion Says It Is Too Early To Determine Motive

(Beaver Dam) Authorities investigating the Village Glen explosion say it is too early to determine a motive despite finding white supremacist literature in the victim’s apartment. Benjamin Morrow was killed following the blast that was tied to volatile homemade chemicals. Unsealed court documents describe the 28-year-old’s apartment as a “homemade explosive laboratory” and instructions were found on how to manufacture homemade explosives. Beaver Dam Police Lt. Terrance Gebhardt, who is the lead investigator, says the case is ongoing. He says police do want to paint a picture of Marrow that is inaccurate and any attempts to label him would be speculative at this point. Gebhardt says the white supremacist literature is in the hands of the FBI and could not comment on that aspect of the investigation. The court documents reveal that Agent Kevin Heimerl with the state Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation found thirteen jars of T-A-T-P in the apartment refrigerator. During Friday’s WBEV Community Comment, Gebhardt says this was the first time in his career that he had to deal with that chemical. He says he had to research T-A-T-P on the internet and through books to learn its components and volatility. Gebhardt says scientific analysis is still being done to confirm that the chemical found was in fact T-A-T-P.

Officials discuss Village Glen explosion on Community Comment

Posted by Daily Dodge on Friday, April 6, 2018