Lawsuit Against City Of Mayville, Former Police Chief Dismissed

(Mayville) The city of Mayville has won a lawsuit filed by a former police officer against the city and its former police chief. Dodge County Judge Martin DeVries Thursday granted a summary judgement to the city and former Chief Ryan Vossekuil, who was accused of violating a confidentiality agreement with Mark Forster. Forster sued for reinstatement of his job with full salary and back pay including lost compensation, earnings, wages and benefits. Attorneys for Forster say a confidentiality agreement in their client’s 2016 resignation was broken and as a result all parties shall return to the status quo as it existed prior to the agreement. The suit stated that Vossekuil failed to act in good faith by disclosing the incidents leading to Forster’s resignation to the city clerk, Dodge County Sheriff and Watertown police detectives. A letter raised concerns about a conflict of interest with Forster’s wife, a city alderperson, as it related to “alleged misconduct” by her husband. Forster was seeking in excess of $700-thousand dollars; he can still appeal. The civil suit states that a 12-percent simple interest rate has been accruing per year since Foster’s claim and proof of loss was delivered to the city’s insurance company.