Lawnmower Bandit Strikes Again

(Beaver Dam) Some funny business has been going on in Beaver Dam the last few years involving a modified lawnmower and unsuspecting homeowners. Beaver Dam Police Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson explained recently on WBEV’s Community Comment how the prank works.
“[It involves] someone modifying a lawnmower, protecting the sparkplug and other means of turning it off,” says Johnson. “They remove the muffler, so it sounds like a shotgun going off. They throw it on somebody’s lawn, start it up and then snip the starting cord and that’s it. So that thing runs until it’s out of gas.”
And to top things off, the prank is pulled in the middle of the night.
Johnson says that there were about four or five incidents in 2020, a few in 2021, and one in 2022 just a few weeks ago. He says that while the prank is humorous, the potential criminal charges are no laughing matter.
“It is littering, it is a noise ordinance violation, and its disorderly conduct. Disorderly conduct is a misdemeanor.
Johnson hopes that the “lawnmower bandit” will eventually be caught and peace and quiet can be restored.