Law Enforcement Responding To Tactical Situation In Beaver Dam

4:05pm Monday Update (Beaver Dam) A man with a weapon is barricaded in room at a Beaver Dam hotel. Officials with the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and Beaver Dam Police Department are conducting a joint operation at the Holiday Inn Express at 311 Seippel Boulevard. There are several law enforcement vehicles including tactical response-type vehicles. Beaver Dam Deputy Chief Brandon Stommel says the suspect is in a room on the second floor by himself.

He says authorities were contacted after hotel staff located a firearm in a room they were concerned about. Officers attempted to make contact with the individual at which time threats were made. Law enforcement then “backed out” and negotiations began.

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt says they evacuated the Holiday Inn and surrounding areas. The response was nonetheless a startling experience for those spending the night in the city.

Chasity Grandstaff was evacuated from the neighboring AmericInn.  

“I was leaving this morning and they had riot shields and assault rifles going in,” Grandstaff tells DailyDodge, “they didn’t say anything and I kind of thought it was scary because I’ve got kids and I’m pregnant.”

Yaw Owusu, who is staying in the Holiday Inn, says he was awoken to the sound repeated banging on multiple doors throughout the hallway. They told him that there was a situation going on in the building and that he was going to have to evacuate his room.

“On my way leaving out, I definitely noticed more officers in tactical gear, one guy with a shield, so I knew they were probably going to be breaking down somebody’s door.”

Schmidt asks the public to avoid the area.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office says the public is safe and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

Earlier story….

1:15pm Monday (Beaver Dam) A tactical situation is unfolding in Beaver Dam. The public is being asked to avoid the area of Seippel Boulevard and Industrial Drive / Mary Ann Road. There appears to be a heavy police presence in the area west of Highway 151 where two of the city’s hotel’s are located. There are a number of law enforcement vehicles at the scene along with heavier tactical vehicles. The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office says the public is safe and more information will be provided later.