Landmark Commission Rejects Re-Route, Supports Razing

9/6/12 – The Beaver Dam Landmark Commission has no interest in trying to preserve a crumbling downtown building that is holding-up reconstruction of Highway 33/ Front Street. The three-story building at the northeast corner of Front and Center could delay the planned 2014 project by two years because of its current “historic” designation. It appears more-and-more likely that the “historic” designation will be lifted, allowing the project to move forward as planned in 2014. City and state officials had discussed the possibility of re-routing Highway 33 around the city to avoid having to deal with the structure. The city’s Operations Committee last month voted in support of demolition and keeping Highway 33 inside Beaver Dam city limits. While that is enough to for the Department of Transportation to move the process forward, the city’s Landmark Commission also staked out a position last night. Chair Michael Firchow says the Commission is tasked with identifying the look of the downtown. He says the building is not worth keeping and Highway 33 should not be re-routed around the city; the commission unanimously agreed. Alderman Glen Link chairs the city’s Operations Committee, sits on the Landmark Commission and also sits on the Dodge County Historical Society Board of Directors. Link says the Historical Society board will hold their own vote next week on the historical significance of the building and forward the results to the state.