La Crosse Company Commercially Fishing BD Lake For Carp

2/15/17 – Local outdoor enthusiasts continue to address a major concern facing Beaver Dam Lake.  For a second straight year, a group out of La Crosse will commercially fish the lake in an effort to remove carp.  During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment program, Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association President Bill Boettge said there is currently 350-to-375-pounds of carp per acre in the 6000-acre lake.  Boettge says the goal is to drop that number to 200-to-250 pounds per acre, which is in line with DNR recommendations.  He says there is roughly 2.4-million pounds of adult carp in the lake.  The goal is to remove 500-thousand to one-million pounds per year.  Last year, Boettge says the company barely fell short of the goal, largely due to having to work through problems that resulted from it being its first year on the lake, even though various means of carp removal on Beaver Dam Lake have been going on for roughly a decade.  Boettge says the lake is also working to establish carp barriers.  One has already been constructed at Tressel Bay, and lake officials are looking to establish others at Moonlight Bay and Rakes Bay.  According to Boettge, the purpose of keeping carp out of the bays is to spur aquatic plant growth and provide a fertile spawning area for pan fish and gamefish.  Boettge says the $7,000-to-$14-thousand-dollar barrier cost would be covered by either grant dollars or BDLIA funds.  He says it is important to address the carp problem since the fish largely contribute to phosphorous in the lake, through stirring up sediment from the lake’s bottom and through their own excretions.