Kozlowski Seeks Release From Winnebago

7/27/11 – A Milwaukee man, who was involved in a murder in Horicon 29 years ago, will be asking a Dodge County judge for conditional release during a court trial scheduled for next month. Gregory Kozlowski is currently incarcerated at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute. The 60-year-old has been committed since 1973 after being found “Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity” for the June 1972 killing of 21-year-old Kenneth Glasse of Milwaukee. Because the murder took place in Horicon, the Dodge County District Attorneys office has followed the case for decades. Managing Attorney Bob Barrington says Kozlowski is covered under a law that allows him to return to Dodge County on an annual basis to plead his case for release to either a judge or jury. His request for conditional release was granted a couple years ago. Kozlowski was placed in a group home in January 2008, but it did not work out and he returned to Winnebago four months later. Barrington says Kozlowski is now seeking conditional release with hopes of returning to his home in Milwaukee – which he has managed to keep all these years – and start a business. Kozlowski has a half-day court trial scheduled before Judge Andrew Bissonnette on August 16.

On a side note, shortly after his 1972 homicide arrest in Dodge County, Kozlowski reportedly confessed to the murder of a Red Cross volunteer while he was stationed in Vietnam. Warstories.com says Kozlowski told then-Sheriff Edwin Nehls that he stabbed the 21-year girl in her sleeping quarters in August of 1970. Indeed, Kozlowski had been a suspect in the murder but no one had been convicted. After the sheriff informed the military of the confession, officials closed the case. Two months later, Edwin Nehls told the victim’s family about the confession.