Korean War Vet Shares Experiences On WBEV’s Tribute To Veterans

(Horicon) Our annual Tribute To Veterans was broadcast Friday on AM1430 WBEV and DailyDodge.com. We had guests who served in Vietnam, Korea and World War Two. Milwaukee-native John Jensen who now lives in Horicon was drafted to serve in the Korean War in 1951. Jensen says at that time he had plans on tying the knot but was concerned with his position in the draft. He says he would have postponed his wedding if he was high on the draft list but representatives from the draft board told him not to worry. They told Jensen he was low and should get married, a month after the ceremony Jensen received a draft notice. He also found out his wife was pregnant right before he left for basic training. During his service, Jensen operated as a forward observer on Hill 316 in South Korea. A post that, for nine months, Jensen served buried in a hole that was ten feet wide and eight feet deep. Jensen says the bunker had no electricity for fans or heaters, water would be brought up in a trailer once a week and no plumbing. Jensen said in his nine months, he only took one shower. Jensen says his time on Hill 316 was spent under constant threat of mortar attacks including one where a mortar shell dropped a large piece of shrapnel on his bed just a few feet away from him.