Kolterman Mound Care Day Planned For Earth Day

(Horicon) The public is welcomed to help clean up Kolterman Mound for Earth Day. The site is owned by the Milwaukee Audubon Society and is a private location that is part of a prairie savanna, hardwood forest and wetland restoration project. Those who are interested in helping will be trimming prickly ash and sumac as well as some vegetation that has grown on several effigies. The Kolterman Mound site is located on the Northeast side of the Horicon Marsh in the town of Leroy. The care day will be on April 22 and will start at 10am and will run until 3pm. Organizers are also rounding up support for the next Nitschke Mounds care day. It will be held on April 28 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Members of the Dodge County Parks Friends Group will be on hand to conduct mound site tours. There will also be a showcase of the care work done so far as part of the tours.