Kohl’s Stock Takes A Hit On Wall Street

5/12/17 – Stocks for department stores are taking a beating on Wall Street, as the Wisconsin based Kohl’s and other chains report falling sales. Kohl’s stock price dropped by almost eight-percent on Thursday, while Macy’s stock fell by 17-percent. Kohl’s, based in Menomonee Falls, cited tighter spending for a nearly 300-percent increase in its net profit from one year ago — and C-E-O Kevin Mansell also credits a new emphasis on active wear and wellness items, saying they exceeded Kohl’s expectations in every category. Mansell told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Kohl’s pricing and sales strategies differ from other large department store chains. Still, Kohl’s had two-point-seven-percent drop in same store sales in the past three months — a smaller decline than at least several other chains.