Ken Anderson And Dan Baulch, Candidates For Beaver Dam Aldermanic Seat

(Beaver Dam) A former city of Beaver Dam beat reporter is challenging a frequent critic of the mayor for a seat on the city council.


Ward Six incumbent Ken Anderson is seeking his third term on the council.

“I may not always agree with the mayor and other people,” Anderson says, “but I try to be fair and make sure the taxpaying citizens are represented…being as transparent as possible. I think that’s important, that the government keeps everything transparent. Whenever anyone asks me a question, I am completely open with everything.”

Ward Six candidate Dan Baulch spent five years covering the city council for the Daily Citizen.

“I believe as a city we have to constantly be moving forward,” Baulch says, “I don’t think we can afford to let months and years go by simply hoping things will fall into place and get better. We need to continue to be proactive, working together to solve problems and develop opportunities that will make our city a better place to live, work and play with each month and year that passes. And I want to bring that spirit of collaboration and optimism back to Ward Six.”