Kayak Not Connected To Body Found In Beaver Dam River

(Beaver Dam) Authorities confirm that the kayak found near a body in the Beaver Dam River is not related to the investigation. Police Detective Daniel Kuhnz says (quote) “the issue of the kayak and the deceased person should be considered two separate issues at this point. There is no indication that they are associated at this time.” Kuhnz says that he has spoken with several people who reported that they were with a group when the watercraft overturned, so they tied I up. They identified the owner of the kayak that was in their group, but the owner has not called police to claim the kayak or pick it up as of Thursday morning. 48-year-old George Stodola of Beaver Dam was found by two kayakers in the water south of Cooper Street and north of Highway 151 on Saturday afternoon. The exact cause of death is still unknown, and the circumstances leading up to his death are under investigation.