Jury Trial Scheduled For Beaver Dam Woman Accused Of Head-Butting An Officer

(Calamus) A two-day jury trial was scheduled this week for a Beaver Dam woman accused of head-butting an officer. Marianna Gonzales is facing a felony count of Battery to a Law Enforcement Officer and misdemeanor charges of Resisting and Criminal Damage to Property.

According to the criminal complaint, Gonzales was pulled over for speeding near the township of Calamus in July. The deputy reportedly believed she was under the influence and stated he would begin an impaired driving investigation. Gonzales then allegedly got uncooperative and was removed from her vehicle.

The deputy reportedly said Gonzales attempted to hit him several times by swinging her arms but he was able to avoid the attacks. She then lunged her head forward and struck the left side of the deputy’s face below his left eye, according to the complaint.

If convicted, the 24-year-old faces up to four-and-a-half years behind bars. The trial is slated to begin on December 12th.