Jury Trial Added For Former Lomira Man Accused Of Injuring Infant

5/11/17 – A former Lomira man charged with injuring a three-month-old had an October 16 jury trial added to the calendar yesterday. Andrew Freeman of Milwaukee is facing one count of felony Child Abuse. Freeman allegedly fractured an infant’s leg and caused bruising to the face and tongue in October of 2015.  When the child’s mother left for work he was said to be smiling and happy but when she returned he was blue and lethargic. The infant was taken to a local hospital before being Med-Flighted to Milwaukee. The 43-year-old told investigators that the child was fussy but denied any physical contact. A doctor’s report from Children’s Hospital says the injuries were likely caused by a bottle, spoon or finger being forcibly inserted down the child’s throat or by a blow to the face. That resulted in a one-centimeter laceration in his throat. The left leg fracture was likely caused by a yank or twist or the force from violent shaking. If convicted, the charge carries a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.