Jury Says Friesland Man Did Not Force Himself On A Woman

(Friesland) A Dodge County jury Thursday found a Friesland man not guilty of forcing himself on a woman.  James Webb the Third was acquitted of felony Second Degree Sexual Assault and False Imprisonment on day two of the trial. The 36-year-old had repeatedly emphasized his innocence with investigators. Prosecutors said DNA testing was “consistent” with the claims against him. The accuser had stated she was drinking at a Columbus-area apartment with friends in July of 2016 when Webb allegedly followed her into a bathroom and forced himself on her. Web told investigators that his accuser was sick from alcohol, so he asked her if she wanted to go to the bathroom; she agreed, he escorted her and stayed with her. She said Webb ignored repeated statements to stop and ripped her clothes off behind a locked door. He maintained the door was unlocked the whole time, conceding there was consensual kissing but nothing more. Webb told investigators that his accuser had recently broken up with her boyfriend and “thought maybe she was doing this to get her boyfriend to come back.” It took the jury two hours and 15-minutes to find Webb not guilty of the accusations.