Juneau Woman Gets Probation For Child Abuse

9/14/17 – A Juneau woman will spend three years on probation for child abuse. In Dodge County court yesterday, Anna Marie Lloyd pled no contest to misdemeanor charges of Battery, Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor and Bail Jumping. She was placed on deferred prosecution on the Child Abuse charge and will avoid a felony record if she stays out of trouble while on probation, maintains absolute sobriety and participates in mental health counseling. Prosecutors say the 48-year-old has 13 children but the state of Oklahoma had previously removed most from her care. She left the Arkansas-based Tony Alamo Cult in 2008, in advance of a police raid that resulted in the children of cult members being placed in protective custody. In Wisconsin, a local school district contacted Child Protective Services after learning that the children were not in school and were not registered with the state for homeschooling. Prosecutors said Lloyd would smack a baby and pre-teen multiple times a week with a closed fist across the head to gain compliance; the baby would play in a litterbox, drink out of a toilet and eat dishwasher tablets while Lloyd stared blankly at a computer screen for hours and an older child tended to diapers; Lloyd smoked cigarettes before, during and after the birth of a child; a preteen who was said to be homeschooled could not read, write or count and would have used a computer program for homeschooling but did not know the password. Lloyd also condoned molestation saying the child was “fine with it.” She also told a preteen to smoke marijuana.  Lloyd admitted to some of the charges to investigators saying that the incidents only happened once not multiple times like she is being accused of.