Juneau Voting Wards Will See Minor Changes

6/15/11 – The Juneau Common Council last night held first reading on an ordinance to redraw the city’s voting wards. Municipalities are required to review their wards in conjunction with the census every ten years. Some cities will see major changes like Beaver Dam, where the loss of a county board supervisory district is causing a major shift in the city’s aldermanic wards. While nothing that drastic is taking place in Juneau, Clerk-Treasurer Gladys McKay says there will be some changes. Juneau has three voting wards with two alderpersons in each ward representing between 700 and 900 constituents in each of those wards. Under the redistricting plan, each ward would consist of over 900 constituents. If those numbers top 1000 after the next census, by state statute, Juneau would have to begin the process of adding another ward. The totals do include inmates at the Dodge County Detention Facility. Juneau residents can view the new voting districts at City Hall during normal business hours. A vote on the ordinance is expected next month with implementation expected July 21