Juneau Residents Revive Opposition To Sidewalks In Dead-End Road Project

(Juneau) Residents faced with paying for new sidewalks on a dead-end street in Juneau made another attempt Tuesday night to persuade city leaders to modify the project. The Juneau Common Council approved the reconstruction of Downie Drive and Leonard Avenue – with sidewalks – following a public hearing in February. Residents were unanimous in their opposition to the inclusion of sidewalks in the $487-thousand-dollar project. Sidewalks are the only component of the reconstruction where individual homeowners must pay the entire cost. Resident Gina Arndt spoke on behalf of the property owners saying the sidewalks would be seldom used being on a dead end and a cul-de-sac. Alderman Curt Arndt, who abstained from the previous vote because he will be impacted by the assessment, encouraged the council to revisit the matter. Mayor Dan Wegener noted that reopening the project would require a motion from an alderperson who voted with the majority. The sidewalk portion totals $77-thousand dollars, which is roughly 16-percent of the total project. Costs per homeowner range from $3000 to $8000.  Construction is slated to begin in coming weeks with completion expected in mid-June.