Juneau Residents Continue To Fight Having To Pay For Sidewalks On Dead-End Street

(Juneau) Residents faced with paying for new sidewalks on a dead-end street in Juneau made a third attempt Tuesday night to persuade city leaders to modify the project, and this time they brought a lawyer. The Juneau Common Council approved the reconstruction of Downie Drive and Leonard Avenue – with sidewalks – following a public hearing in February. Residents were unanimous in their opposition to the inclusion of sidewalks in the $487-thousand-dollar project. Sidewalks are the only component of the reconstruction where individual homeowners must pay the entire cost. The property owners say the sidewalks would be seldom-used being on a dead end and a cul-de-sac. One of the property owners is represented by Nolan Franti (fron-tee) of the Madden Law Group. Franti told the council that if the matter was not decided last night, it would have to be decided in a courtroom. The council went into closed session to discuss the matter and emerged without taking any action. Mayor Dan Wegener noted that the project could be reopened by a motion from an alderperson who voted with the majority; no motions were made. The sidewalk portion totals $77-thousand dollars, which is roughly 16-percent of the total project. Costs per homeowner range from $3000 to $8000.