Juneau Mayor, Finance Chair Clash Over Salary Reductions

7/13/11 – The Chairman of the Juneau Finance Committee warned Mayor Ron Bosak last night that he would vote against any new appointments the mayor makes to the Utility Commission. At issue is a newly-approved city ordinance that reduces the monthly pay of all elected or appointed city personnel by 17 percent, going into affect with the start of a new term. The Juneau Utility Commission voted it down. The Utility is city-owned but is self-sustaining using virtually no city tax dollars. In May, Mayor Ron Bosak called the Commission (quote) “selfish and petty” and vowed not to re-appoint any of the current commissioners. In the letter read last night, Finance Committee Chairman Robert Affled said the Utility President and Commissioners should be exempt from the pay reductions because they are paid by commission revenue and not city tax dollars. Affled says if the mayor appoints anyone new to the commission, he “will vote against the appointment.” Bosak tells us he will stand by his commitment not to re-appoint any current Utility Commissioner and says it’s a simple matter of being a team player. Bosak has only one appointment to the Utility Commission that will come up during his current term as mayor and that is for current Utility President Don Wegener. Members of the commission receive $900 a year while the President receives $3000. That is in addition to pay for individual meetings, which for other elected and appointed city officials has been – or will be – reduced from $25 to $20.