Juneau Man Charged In Series Of Burglaries

12/14/17 – A Juneau man is charged in connection with a series of break-ins. Martin Perez is facing four counts of felony Burglary for offenses that occurred in May, July and August in the city of Juneau. Perez is accused of stealing cash, electronics and tools from garage units and apartments, primarily along Fairfield Avenue. Among the items taken: gaming systems, laptop computers, drills, socket sets, a purse, a piggy bank and bacon. One victim speculated that Perez might be the perpetrator because he was a mechanic who “knows how to open doors.” In some instances, there was no sign of forced entry while other victims had pry marks on their door frames. Perez was connected to many of the stolen items after allegedly pawning them. Stolen items were also allegedly found in his vehicle and apartment. The 32-year-old told authorities that he did not steal anything and he had purchased the items in question from an unknown person. Perez is slated to make his initial appearance in Dodge County court next month. If convicted, he faces a combined maximum of up to 50 years in prison.